Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I've Been Losing Sleep Over These Pie Pops

I wanted to wait until fall to make these for a holiday or something, but I could not, they were TOO cute, I was losing sleep over it with all the excitement. I'm a little obsessed with desserts on a stick right now. I made up a reason-I'm meeting a friend tomorrow, and I remembered they had pie instead of groom's cake at her wedding, I mean, what good friend wouldn't want to bring pie pops to someone who obviously has a special place for it in their heart, and memories?! I spotted these on Bakerella's Blog this weekend, she got it from another blog (the link is on her blog, with all the instructions). As discussed in both blogs....I knew to roll the dough really thin, and put more than one cherry in the middle-I put two, which caused a little seeping, but...who cares.

I also did one tray with foil covering the sticks, and one without. The one without was fine, no burnt sticks....the one with foil created some issues b/c I had to peel away pieces at the top of the pie pop near the hardened filling. I also added a little cornstarch to the filling so it would hold more firmly in the pop (I don't know what would 'really' happen if you didn't). I only used one sheet of pie dough, and less than half a can of filling, and my 1/4 c. measuring cup for cutting the circles, and I made a dozen (7 surviving, the rest didn't stay on the stick, live and learn. I will need to sacrifice them to the taste testers: 1 out of 1 agree, they are delicious). It was so hot in the kitchen with the oven running, I gave up on the other pie crust, and cherries...for now. I also sprinkled some sugar on the egg wash, which I think really helps sweeten the dough (there were a few issues with the dough being a little overpowering with such little bit of filling according to my 'research'). I baked them at 350 for longer than the time they have on the site(maybe 15...almost 20 minutes...until they were brown). This may have helped the sticks 'survive' the oven. I have so many plans for these little guys....in the fall.