My weekend brought to you by the letter "G"

Sunday, November 08, 2009
Friday Gave me a more drama, no more bad was a nice break from the rest of the week. Someone told me there was a full moon this past week....I believe them!! Lilly also made her Great Escape with half a Giant cupcake I was trying to bake....brat....
Saturday (after good ol' Saturday School) we had a family Garage sale....not much money was made, BUT I've now cleared some stuff out of my house-a big deal, and it's next stop is the school garage sale next weekend. All the profits will be going towards The American Cancer Society. I've been collecting stuff at work for a few weeks now, and was worried about the lack of items we have at the moment...we will have plenty now (though I'm still hoping for more).
Sunday it's time for Grouting....ugh. I am not a fan of grouting, I don't do it very well either, house isn't going to make the parade of homes this year, so I guess it'll be OK....for now. I had to post about it to make myself go actually do it b/c I'm not feeling the motivation. I've been prepping mentally for a week, and the new grout has been sitting in the bathroom for several's time!
OH....and alllll weekend, I've been a little addicted (the limited access I allow myself to the addition) to some Games I stumbled across on line. Don't go if you remember, love, and like revisiting the classic games b/c you won't get much done. BUT, if you need a reason to procrastinate, here are two fun I play them each one more time before I grout.

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