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Thursday, April 15, 2010
1. I saw Xanadu the Musical this past weekend. I've never seen the movie, but the musical is a spoof on the disco flop, and it was HI-LA-RI-OUS! Oh my gosh! This is my second season to hold season tickets, though I've gone to musicals in spurts all my life, and I think this was one of the biggest surprises, so much to laugh at...on purpose!
2. ...and speaking of....my cousin, Holly and I started a tradition of trying something new before every other musical we attended. In a city as big as Dallas, there is a lot of territory to cover, even 30 years after I began the journey I'm discovering new things weekly. This week we ('we' also includes my Mom, and Aunt, who joined us with season tickets this year) tried out the Dixie House.
It's down in Lakewood, and I've never heard of it before I asked for some suggestions from friends for restaurants near the Music Hall. Basically, it's the original Black-Eyed Pea. It was good homecooking (minus the macaroni, just being honest, skip those calories, not worth it).
3. I also spent last weekend...and the beginning of the week up to my elbows in ::cough cough silk cough cough:: flowers. I'm a real flower snob (only when it comes to me, I don't mind what the rest of the world does, I even like it, but I just have never been into silk flowers), but I've known a lot of people that like the permanency of silk flowers, the price, and the allergy free quality. I even did a wedding once using all silk flowers (at the bride's request). These flowers were for my boss' church that has 'some sort of something' for the teenagers every year. The church presents the young adults, and they do 'something,' which includes them being center stage, walking down aisles, wearing nice outfits, and corsages/boutonnieres. (This blog brought to you by Miss Information.) This year they needed 18 boutonnieres, and 20 corsages. The colors are always pink and white, and they always want silk. I don't know why. I don't ask. I just craft. They pay me back for the 'parts,' so my goal is to make them as CHEAP as possible, but nice enough looking to be worn for the day. I bought 'bunches' of the only pink and white flowers I could find (roses and tulips), sold in 'bunches' of 14. The bunches are so much cheaper than stems (which I bought last year-roses and carnations were last year's available flowers). I got each bunch for 3.50 at half off. I also scored half off on the ribbon. I've been up to my ears in silk flowers, flower tape, ribbon, and super glue (they like to pop off their stems when shortened to this degree). If flowers aren't a big deal-silk sure is a cheap way to go. I used about 1/6th of the budget they set aside this year, it's my goal in life to save people money, I don't know why this is exciting for me. Silk flowers...not so exciting. The savings for something that will be used for less than 24 hours-well worth it. Yay for great deals. Yay for the end of projects!

4. I just purchased a small medical office's supply cabinet worth of test tubes for a party I'm hosting in June. Any guesses? ECLIPSE WATCHING PART-TAY! :Shoving 14 year old girl back in her room now, she's grounded!: In my defense (I represent myself in cases such as this), I figured I could reuse the test tubes for a Mad Science Party someday. I have no defense for the Twilight Party, but I blame the reading teacher in me. Next stop, invitations....and I'm excited....so excited about those invites. ...and everything else. I have so many ideas I 'think' are going to be fun, we will see what others think when the time comes, and if they think differently, I think they should keep it to themselves because it's best if I live in a happy place.
5. And last....
I'm being schooled in the fine art of Chihuahuas...

It's bad enough I let my 'big' dogs on my furniture (and everywhere else in my house), but Peanut is too good for the sofa cushion. He has to sit on the dog, on the couch, in my temperature controlled house. I've never had a little dog before. The thing is weird. He's making me weird(er). I'm one of 'those little dog' people now, in addition to all my other idiosyncrasies. I'm thinking about running away from home.


Brianna! said...

awe dnt run away

Christy said...

Thanks Brianna....I guess I do sort of have to pay the bills around here ;o)....and all my craft supplies would be hard to fit in a suitcase. ;o)

Jen said...

Love the pic of peanut!
mine are terrified of other dogs
the only thing they lay on are their heating pads(dont say it..i know i need help)lol