Patriotic Craft-Rakkasan's Family Frame

Tuesday, April 06, 2010
Well...sort of...

My friend Regan's husband is in the army. Dave is on his second (year long) overseas tour SINCE they've were married (just a little over three years ago). I could say so much more on this topic, but I'll stop now and save it for it's own post someday. I'll just say 'Congratulations!' He was just promoted, yay!. His promotion means, as a wife, (I don't really understand all the terminology) Regan was promoted too within the family support unit. There are all sorts of terms for this....she really should blog about it so I can just link to that so I don't get it wrong. She really should get back to her blog :Insert big, bold PERIOD here--->. That's my true friendship love, she can take it (and dish it).
Anyway, Regan helps lead a committee now that organizes activities for the families of the troops back home waiting for their loved one's returns (a little less than a year from now). It's a huge group, and there are wives within the group that are in 'charge' of staying in contact/calling/sharing news from the troops/lending support to all the other families-moms, dads, brothers, sisters, wives, kids etc. Regan has been working on bonding with her new friends, and I suggested she buy their affection with a gift. I mean, show her love and appreciate with a token ;o). I was telling her about these frames she could make...because I had just made one...or two, and it turns out there is not a Michael's where she lives in TN, or so the story goes ;o). I offered to make a few b/c A) It gives me a chance to craft, because I needed an(other) excuse and B) I was trying to explain it in words, but they weren't coming out right, so I thought I'd send pictures on how to, but then...I had to have one I needed to make to make one to show Regan how, and...whew...I just decided to do it myself because one or 5-assembly line crafts are easier than just one demo, and trust me, she's OK with that. Now I'm putting the step by step on here for Regan, and then...just as SOON as Regan gets that blog up and going, she can make one for herself and share! No excuses.
And this launches a series of crafts in my week...that have left over supplies that leads to crafts...that leads to crafts....that'll make sense later.
Here are my supplies.

Side note: Please notice my craft table is missing. You know how when prisoners are bad, sometimes they get things taken away? I haven't cleaned my house in a few....days...weeeks...months. Does it really matter? I made myself put the table away as punishment so I'd be forced to clean. But then I found this box, set to go out for recycling, and crawled around on the floor crafting on my box-turned craft area instead of cleaning. I hope my jailer doesn't find out, she's a real monster.
Back to the craft...
Man, I love these dollar frames at Michael's, and they were an additional 30% off with a coupon this weekend-score. Also, please note I bought two things of red ribbon...not because I needed two, but because I would be sad if I used the one bolt of ribbon, and didn't have some to spare for....the next ice age or something.
The process:
Paint the edges of the frame, I was too lazy for any color but white.
Outline the size of the frame on the paper...

...cut, and glue down. I've used mod podge, and glue stick to slap the paper down, and both still bubble up when you add a layer of mod podge on top to give it the protective gloss. I guess this just gives it that 'homemade look.'
Add letters (I used my cricut, we are in love, and we like to spend time together, but stickers would work). This is the name of Dave's troop. Rakkasans. There is a whole story behind the name. Regan should blog about it. No pressure.
Then....add mod podge, like I said-be prepared for bubbles. I try to press it down a little, and mod podge it around the edges to make it adhere, but it never lays completely flat on paper that's a little thinner, like the star paper. I make this stuff up as I go, feel free to correct me if you are a mod podge extraordinaire.

Last (for me) add ribbon with a bow using super glue. Super glue makes the world a better place. My world, at least. I like this Locktight brand.
Mail, and then give your friend all sorts of advice like: Have the ladies over for dinner, insert a picture of their husband (maybe from recent online articles/pictures, and have this frame be their place setting at the table). I like to give orders. I should have joined the military, except...I don't like to take orders (unless it's a craft) and I don't know if that sort of attitude is in high demand.


Unknown said...

Really cute frames! You may want to check out this post to see who won my P K Glitz blog hop prize ;)

Jen said...

Those frames are too cute!
I left my answer to your question about the dogs on the comments underneath yours..Hope you got it!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Cute, cute!! I love how these frames turned out.


HB, The Impulsive Minimalist said...

These are so cool and for such a good cause!

Thanks for linking at Lucky Star Lane!