This Crate Made Me Crazy

Saturday, June 12, 2010
It is always amazing to me which project does me in, consumes my time, and makes me want to start looking up numbers for a nice stay in a padded room without paint, glue, or glitter to haunt me.
This crate did it for me.

It all started out innocently enough. I found it at a thirft store. I had entered a thrift store one time in my life up until about two months ago, and then I started reading about these places that people go and don't have to pay full price for things you plan on dismantling and forming into something you call a 'craft' project. I went, I fell in love (per usual).
They have baskets I usually spend 10 dollars on for less than a buck, and they had this really cool crate (I recently bought something similiar at Michael's for 6 dollars WITH a 40% off coupon).
It was less than two dollars at the thrift store.
But then...I couldn't decide what I was going to do with it. I don't know why this tormented me. Fill it with dried flowers? Paint it black and do something kitchen-ish with it? Bathroom shelf? ...maybe. After weeks, and no real inspiration, I pulled out white paint and just went to work.... took about 5 coats of paint...if not more to get it covered....and not even well. It's wood, what's the deal? I used a tube of paint, I have a feeling I should have gone with spray paint.
I decided to 'antique' it. I'd read home-grown techniques online, but decided not to risk it this time around, and bought some crackle paint. I used the whole stinking bottle and no real crackle!!! AND then...
...I gave up and hung it in all it's imperfection. I bought some antique mason jars for 3 bucks each, and 12 baby ducks (from a local store sort of like Oriental Trading called US Toys), made some bath salt with a combination of homemade epsom salt, baking powder and scent, hung it on the wall in my blue/silver and white/duck themed bathroom, and got over it.

Ducks in a jar...disturbing? cute? Such a fine line, I stand on the side of cute. I may evening replace the jar on top with a duck, I'm a loooong way from finished with this it stays for now.
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Lori said...

Way great idea and Funky Junks theme this weekend, how on top of things are you. I like ducks in a jar. At first I thought it was something pickled. Then saw it was bathroom themed. Picked duck, I'm pickled pink.

Unknown said...

Don't worry all your ducks in a row, albeit in a jar in a row is still cute. I've seen them in apothecary jars before and they looked adorable.

I Wonder Wye said...

How clever! I love your idea!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

You crate girls are killin' me. I have to go hang a crate on a wall. I think that's the only thing I haven't done yet! Your display is so cute. The ducks totally made me smile. :)


Pam said...

Gotta love it; ducks in a jar - that's so unexpected! Pam @ Sallygoodin

Jo said...

One of my favorite things until it broke in a move was a trash can we had for for the kids that had floating ducks in blue water at the bottom. Since your bathroom is blue and silver, it's too bad there isn't a way to add blue water and have them somehow suspended (not floating on the top) in the jars. I think it's cute as it is too! I just thought the blue in the jars would really bounce off the white tray. And since I don't get to craft I get to live that life through you.

Alison said...

I LOVE this idea!

I have a crate somewhere...I think!

I KNOW I have a vintage jar that I was looking for something to put in it! Ducks are perfect! Not creepy at all!

I think you should put a bigger duck on the top of your shelf! Soooo cute!!!

Laurie in SC said...

It's just precious - ♥ what you created with the crate! ♥Laurie from Scene of the Grime

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I love it! I think the ducks in the jar are brilliant!

Lynda said...

I had a crate like that a while back. I am sad to say I got rid of it because I had the same dilemma. Follow me back to My Heart's Desire.