Monday, July 12, 2010

Blogger Inspired Biscuit Pancakes

I saw this recipe Biscuit Pancakes on Notjustpaper's blog. She has a really great visual for the methods she used, and she also has glitter. I sure like glitter, and I won some on a giveaway awhile back, and I can't wait to use it on a craft project this summer! :O)

I decided to try this out for Mother's Day because my Mom's favorite breakfast is biscuits and gravy (I know...I've been saving this post for awhile). I had a little, teeny, tiny mishap the last time I tried a 'from scratch' biscuit recipe, so I decided to try this one out instead. It was just a really fun way to eat up these simple treats. I'm so glad for the shared recipe. They were good, it was a faster way to make biscuits, they had the same flavor, maybe a tiny bit more crunchy, in a good way. I threw a few pads of butter into the pan, rolled the dough (a can of biscuits, the non-flaky kind) flat with a rolling pin, and grilled em up like pancakes. They probably took about the same length of time. I added my traditional jelly toppings, Mom threw on gravy, all was right in the world. :O)