Check "Old Window" Off the List

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please forgive my lighting in this's the bathroom, low lighting is best in environments like this!
Is this the most creative thing I've ever done? No.
This IS, however, something I've wanted to do forever (forever in my a month and a half....I like to go by the time clock of a June Bug)). I don't know why I like old windows. I always have. I like the fact that they had a home before they came to live with me. I love things that I acquire with a story, even if I don't know the story. Someone looked through this window...maybe daily, and watched the world. I pretend they all have happy stories. In my world of unicorns and butterflies, everything has, and will always end well! I found this white window for my bathroom at an antique store in downtown Dallas for 10 bucks. Gee, and if that isn't a happy ending, I don't know what is!!! I'm sure they give these away in smaller towns, but in the city, that's a good deal (and if it's not, remember, I like when things end well, so don't mess with my ending in the bubble I float around in). I decided not to repaint it. I didn't want to cover any of it's history (cough and I might be feeling a teeny tiny bit lazy cough). I rigged up a way to hang it (which also means it may come down tomorrow). Then I added a wreath. I looked a whole solid week for the right wreath (which is practically a life time when you are as impatient as me). All three of my craft stores failed me on my hunt for a white berried wreath. It's far enough from silk flowers to make me happy. I finally hit up a local boutique, and found this in the clearance section for 6 bucks (originally 25). Ummm...I wonder why it was still there? Maybe it was the speckled plastic eggs?

Just a hunch.
I cut off the eggs, and they went to live in 'a better place.' I used some ribbon I had that I didn't end up using on a previous project to hang the wreath. I know...who's frugal? Oh, it still doesn't make me frugal? If it helps, I wanted to go buy some fat ribbon, and I made do, which is a new concept, and I'm practically Dave Ramsey's clone in my book.


Lori said...

Just absolutely perfect! The white on white on white. I would have been very disappointed if you had not saved those eggs for a better life.

Jen said...

Its so pretty!
I love old windows too!

Ann Crosby said...

I too have a window in my bathroom. I painted mine red (my fav color) and it has 4 panes of glass. Love yours and the idea of the wreath hanging in the middle. Good job. :o)