The Corn Dog Gets a Second Life

Sunday, July 18, 2010

To make a long story short....or knowing me, to make a short story long...
I took a picture last fall at the fair before eating my lunch. It was a corn dog, the best thing you can purchase with tickets...or gold, or your first born child, at the State Fair of Texas. I drew a picture of a smiley face with mustard because I'm a mature, highly skilled...ummm...artist. After taking pictures all day with my camera of, like, real things, THIS was the only good picture out of the bunch. I tossed all the photos in my computer's recycle bin in disappointment.
Later, my Mom told me about a photo contest in the Dallas Morning News, here are all those details. Basically, I pulled my ridiculous corn dog picture out, and I ended up winning the weekly prize, which I wrote about here. This picture won me an ipod nano, the front page of the Neighborsgo section of the paper in my city's section, and 1 second of fame...ONLY amongst my family....and then they started talking about babies, or puppies, or dust bunnies, and we moved on.
More importantly, it reminded me that God is in charge of all of me, oh, AND He has a sense of humor when it comes to reminding me about this little Christianity clause. All the things 'I' really try at in life go nowhere good unless I let Him lead, and I see it most in these silly little things I have next to nothing to do with, but get to enjoy.
Fast forward six months and I got an email from a photo editor who saw this picture. She works for Health magazine and wanted to use 'the corn dog photo' to represent Texas in an online article they were writing about the worst food in each state.
My corn dog, and my state, Texas?
A terrible food, and awful warning?
You betcha.
Here she/he/it/the corn dog is again online at, revived for another trip through the media and whoever happens to see this article. Click on the article and read about all the foods to avoid....or eat (depending on your calorie desires) in all 50 states. The article just made me feel hungry. My pictures there. I get nothing for it except to be able to say that, and that was enough for me. It's published in a magazine's online article series, sure, you wouldn't normally pay attention to the names under the photographs, unless you're my Mom and I told you to, but it's fun to tell the story anyway! This corn dog has a story to tell, despite my lack of effort. The unexplainable are my favorite kind of stories.
AND I knew eating unhealthy foods would pay off someday.

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Peggy said...

That is so funny! Well, congrats on your one second of!
At our State Fair, they have. what are called 'Curly Fry Bricks.' Umm...basically it is a giant, fried brick of goodness that I swoon over. I have to get at least one a year, or my entire year will be incomplete.