Back to School: The Recipe for a Good Teacher

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I saw this gift idea last year around teacher appreciation week via Gretchen. She gave an apron  to her son's teacher and I thought it was soooo cute because she added some 'recipes from the students'! She actually bought a full size apron at Michael's, and a paint pen. The teacher was given the apron with her name written across it. The kids were all given a recipe card, and they each wrote on their cards the ingredients that went into making her such a good teacher. How cute is that?
You could definitely buy the cards, and apron, but I decided to make an apron and recipe cards. There are a ton of teachers I work with that have animal print themes, so...I might tone it down if  it was for any other group of teachers....or adapt to their room theme.  The only thing I know for sure is that you shouldn't stare into the hot pink too long on this particular's sort of that whole 'sun' concept.
Here's the apron, I used the same method I ALWAYS use to make aprons, I've blogged about it so many times, click on sewing if you want to know all the wrong ways to make an apron.
There are always crafts and project that make an apron useful in the classroom.

Here are the recipe cards I made to match....very...very simple, but fun. You could also include a sweet treat with the apron with the recipe. The best/worst thing is to get a fabulous tasty treat from someone and not have the recipe or at least a lifelong commitment from that person to create this dish for you anytime you want. It's a real problem when you eat a good recipe, but don't have the recipe, trust me.

I want to buy a recipe 'stamp' so I can make more cards, I saw some at Hobby Lobby, but I'm po' right now.   In the meantime I just stamped the basics onto this card b/c I felt like a shortcut.
...and as usual, this idea was lab tested and inspected.

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