Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School: Teacher Pencil Cup

At the beginning of every year....I stock up on pencils....lots....and lots....and lots of pencils....lots. You can get packs of pencils for a penny at some of the local office supply stores around this time, and I do. By May....I always think....I need more pencils-emphasis on the eraser part of the pencil...or we just need to go back to can erase those as much as you want! Anyway...I decided to try out a little glass etching paint....I need to work on this idea, but the concept is there, the technique just needs a little improvement.
I've seen pencil cups sort of like this with initials, but since I don't know who will get this cup...I decided to get ambitious and try out a teacher quote.
narrow vase (I got this at the dollar store)
glass etching paint (a little pricey, but I used a coupon at Hobby Lobby)
paper/cricut to cut out my quote

I cut out my quote using the 1 inch setting on my cricut with the Applelicious alphabet. I punched OUT the letters, tossed the letters, and pasted the shadow of the letters on to the side of the vase.

I carefully dabbed on the etching paint using a thin paint brush. I was surprised that it didn't try to seep under the sides of the letters. It came out fairly clean. I just found I put too thick of a layer down. Less is more in this case. Live and learn. I pealed off the stencil I had created (which dried pretty quickly)....

The quote: Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. -Anonymous

I added pencils, wrapped, and set it aside. This would also be a good way to deliver a mix of supplies, candies, or flowers. I'll probably try this out again at some point on candy jars, storage jars, or picture frames.


glimpse of my world said...

Very cute.. love it..

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Great idea!! I gave you an award at over at my place! :)

lollidoodletoo by sminkpaynts said...

Hey Christy, I am now addicted to your Blog. I spend more time reading yours than working on my new blog. Thanks for stopping by. I DO Have a question for you tho... My son may have a young male & (cute) teacher this year. Did I really say that? Do you have any GREAT ideas for gifts especially for a young MALE teacher? Love all of your ideas, just askin if you have a special thought on this?