Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School: Teacher Gifts and School Stuff

I live my life in themes. ....parties, lesson plans, meals....they are all 'themed' for me...I don't know why, I love it when everything fits in neat little stations.
Crafting is my therapy, it's how I unwind, but I feel better when I have a well thought out plan of attack for whatever craft I feel like doing, so I'm not lugging out different tools every day.
I journal a lot of my crafts on the blog to post later....and this summer I decided my blog should be a better reflection of 'me'. I need more themes. Recipe themes, craft themes, holiday themes.... Sometimes when I stick myself in the 'theme' box it's actually when I am at my most creative b/c it at least reigns me in and makes me focus on a goal. I tried 5 days of Twilight back in July....and I decided I'm going to do that at least once a month (OK, not TWILIGHT once a month (though there WILL be more Twilight...we are having a 'halfway to movie party'), but other 'stuff') fact, I plotted out a long series of fun things I want to try that tie into the 'theme' for the month/holidays etc coming up (homemade gifts, Halloween, Christmas ideas etc). I'm going to blog in themes every once in awhile until I'm tired of it, and then I'll do some other weird little experiment....because I can. I should also say I'm using the term 'week' loosely.  There will be at least 5 days (a teacher's week), but some of these are sort of exploding.  I already had to divide my Halloween into two weeks of seperate themes (the ideas, I haven't made all the products to go with the ideas yet), and the homemade gift category may need it's own blog.  OK...enough about this monster I've created....
So....theme #1-Back to School. Think, sort of...Teacher gift ideas. I don't have any kids to send these up with, BUT I am a teacher with lots of teacher friends, so I'm just going to give these out whenever the mood or need arises. The next 6 days I'll be sharing a few projects I have made over the summer that fall under the 'school umbrella'....I've also gone back through and tagged a few old post as well with the label 'Teacher Gift' ( I need to go back and label past projects, labeling is new for me, and there is a lot 'back there.'  Maybe 'a week of' will help me do this!)l  I should have quite a collection for the label after the next six days of teacher gift making/sharing.  This will be an easy way for me to pull these up someday when, I guess, I need a Teacher Gift idea. And now....on to six days of Back to School Bribes....I mean, gift ideas. ;o)


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I have a little one starting preK tomorrow..and I have a 'teacher gift' to bring. I can't wait to see all your ideas this week!!

Shane and Laine said...

You can bribe me all you want:)