Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School: Germ Juice

I've seen these personalized hand gel bottles around the net over the last year or so, so this is my ode to germs.
I decided to personalize one b/c it's certainly a standard, and necessary part of my classroom. I pull small groups all day, so I get all the germs from all the students from almost every classroom floating in and out of my room. I also sit very close to students since we are in small reading groups. I use a LOT of germ juice!
Step One: I bought a bottle of hand gel at the Dollar Tree. I had some transparencies you can run through your computer that I bought a year ago at Office Depot to print a picture on that I slipped inside an ornament. I used this again so I could use some colored ink for this bottle. I printed off this lovely poem 4 to a page, on a page with two columns.  I understand if you need a minute to get past this moving little piece of poetry I put together. 

The personalized gels I've seen in the past had sweet poems about 'helping hands' etc....I used up all my sweet for the I came up with this little poem, and added a cute germ cell. Watch out hallmark, I'm pretty sure I'm on a one track road to my own greeting card line.
I cut my laminate piece down to size.
I peeled the label off my gel.
I curled up my transparency and slipped it inside the gel, then pushed it towards the front with the pump's straw.

One thing I'd change-I knew the ink would bleed a little, and it did, though it was still legible, there were just some 'drifting' ink remains. You could  tape this to the back of the bottle, or try laminating it to protect the exposed ink.  I'm going to try the laminating next. 
I then tied a ribbon to a rubber band, and placed this around the neck of the bottle so that it can be slipped on and off if the container gets refilled. We refill our containers at school. A lot.
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lollidoodletoo said...

I've just stumbles across your blog last night and I LUV it. Thank you for sharing your ideas and creativity. I really like this germ juice idea. Do you think the ink will not run if laminated. I do not have a cricut so putting the transparancy inside is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! This is a very cute idea. Kids would love this. Thank you for sharing. I will be linking to your cute project.

Kerri said...

Love this idea and your cute little poem!!! Can't wait to try this! Thanks!

Maddie Dean Photography said...

This past year, I let my son draw a picture for his teacher, then I scanned it and had it printed on Transparency @ Kinkos. By using their printers, nothing smeared - as opposed to my desktop printer. I also had him make pictures for grandparents to put in their bathrooms :) All his Gigi's bridge guests love using the personalized soap bottle!!

BarbL said...

LOVE this! You can also print on clear labels and adhere it to the outside of the bottle as opposed to putting something inside. Then you don't have to worry about whether the ink will run/bleed.