Friday, August 13, 2010

The Whole Enchilada....Otherwise Known as My Guest Bathroom

I decided at the beginning of the summer it was time for changes around the house, after nine years of living in my house and not changing it from the day I moved in and spent too much money at Pottery Barn...things got boring.  Fast forward a few broken appliances, ruined floors, and cracks later, and the last few months found me watching some great renovations on blogs from thrifty crafters.
There is one teensy little problem with my plan.
I'm a teacher.
I'm single.
I took Dave Ramsey's money management class a year ago.
I'd love to charge all the changes, but Dave's voice is just too loud in my head to allow that. (I loved the class, really, but it does put a dent in the reckless fun I'd like to have!).
Soooo....I do have a spending budget I allow myself each month for 'whatever' as I try to 'live like no one else today, so I can live like no one else tomorrow' (debt free, with a cushy savings....I'm still on step two of about 2,345 steps, but whatever. At least it's not step one!).
So keeping in mind this little budget, I gave up the usual things I buy with my free koolaide, and stamps (look, it's little, that's my point).
I started hunting for ideas that wouldn't break the bank, but would give me a little pick me up as I entered a decade in the house, and I started with the second smallest room in the house, but the most visited by others....the guest bathroom.
I'm classy like that. 
I didn't take a 'before picture'....I'm new at this renovating thing.
My changes....
New-old empty frames in the entry way.
New-old crate shelf with bath salts and ducks in vintage canning jars that almost drove me over the edge...until I remembered I'd fallen off that edge years ago, so I just kept trudging along in the valley I rediscovered myself in...
New-old window with white wreath.
New-old random duck hook thing-a-ma-doo-hicky-ma-bob with no purpose unless I A) Find a candle or B) Perhaps hang some sort of loofah or something from the loop.
New-old iron towel hangers, and new-new 'embroidered' towels-I left them wrinkle-ee to go with the vintage look (do you buy that?).
Please forgive these pictures, the light was weird, and all my walls look sort of dingy in the weird shadows.

A few of the things I'd still like to change....
The floors.
The bathtub/tiles.
The sink (times that by 1,234,543).
The light above the can't BUY that sort of class these days...THANK GOODNESS!
The number that reads on the scale that I weigh on in the linen closet.
The little knob on the linen closet (I guess I might could have afforded that change, but it's too late....I'm moving on!)
The wall color+wainscoting+a painted border with some sort of script...maybe mom-isms about bath time....just b/c it's fun (sort of like I did with the tea towels, which were inspired by the embroidered towels and baskets).
...I could go on from here....but I'll stop. I have more rooms to do...maybe I'll do the hallway next ;o).  ...and when I say next, I mean....ten  years from now.  I get distracted by puppies, and butterflies, and dust bunnies....and budgets...ewww!!!


Design It Chic said...

Your bathroom looks so cute and chic!!
I am now following you thanks to New Friend Fridays!It would be nice if you could share the love back on my blog!
Also we have the coolest blog-hop there is... no rules just fun and would love you to join in:) Oh and if you need any blog help or easy HTML tips, you know where to come!Happy Friday!

Lori said...

Love everything you have done so far. It is hard to pick a favorite, the jars of course, the towels/rack and the frame wreath.

Anonymous said...

Love the hanging baskets over the camode. Really cute. Love everything you did here. The sink isn't really that bad. I've seen worse.

Anonymous said...

nice! I like the empty frames on the wall, I may have to do this too!

Here from NFF, happy weekend!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Everything looks so clean and fresh and just plain lovely :D Way to decorate Dave Ramsey style!!!