Fletcher's Corn Dog Cupcakes

Monday, September 13, 2010
Raise your hand if you lo-ove times the 45th power-the Texas State Fair.  :Frantically waving hand!:  Despite some pretty ridICulOUs rumors, Fletcher's corn dogs were born at the TEXAS state fair.  I would like to nominate myself the ambassador for Fletcher's Corn Dogs....I mean, really, go to the search and put in the words "Fletcher's Corn Dogs" and you'll probably see 19 prior post about these little fried sticks of wonderfulness.  So, with the annual opening of the best state fair on planet earth looming....it only stands to reason it was time to merge my fried friends with my iced friends, and thus-the corn dog cupcake was born.  At work, we have a big 'fluency' push before our first fluency test of the year (each student is tested three times a year to check fluency/comprehension), and we try to throw together some activities to help teachers prep their students (especially after a long summer of...umm...unstructured reading?).  All the stations this year to help review are State Fair Themed....ooops, wonder who was in charge of putting those together?  To introduce the teachers to these stations, I made these cupcakes to smooth the way.  I had several boxes, they look like this all huddled together (compliments of my iphone, and minus some baggies, I had to use syran wrap to cover some of these, oops, ran out of baggies).

Here is a close up.  The tag is just a reminder about the dates the stations will be out in the hall. 
As for the process to putting thes together, no special corndog flavor, but that would be one INTERESTING flavor.  I have about 4,567 million strange, different, new, old cupcakes planned over the next lifetime I live on planet earth, so I decided just to decorate these and have fun, and worry about the new flavors...tomorrow.  Next time, I'd dye the cupcakes pink to look like a dog when you bite inside.  Maybe add some crumbled wafers or graham crackers for kicks. 
I slipped three mini-cupcakes on a bamboo skewer. 
And then I iced, and added a line of 'mustard.'  And thus completes another post dedicated to the corn dog.  It won't be  my last.  The fair runs for three full weeks.  That's a lot of opportunity.
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Heidi said...

I found your blog through "HOH" and first off, those cupcakes are so freaking cute! Second, that shower you threw was hilarious! I seriously laughed my guts out! I will definitely be checking back for more cuteness and giggles!

Lori said...

Great job promoting the fair at school. I know the teachers appreciate the extra care you take with everything.

Ellen said...

I want to know more about this fair. Sounds like so much fun! Please tell me all about it.

Erin said...

Oh my gosh. You are a hoot! I love the cupcakes. How totally clever. And I LOVE fair food!!! Everything about it is just super yummy! But here in Oregon we know nothing about Fletcher's Corn Dogs. I think we're missing out!


Ellen said...

Thought I would post back here as well. I wanted to know about the fair you're doing at school. It sounds like a great idea for TAKS interventions.

HoosierHomemade said...

These are great!! And the tags totally make them!
Thanks so much for adding them to Cupcake Tuesday! I love seeing your creations each week!

Diane {Created by Diane} said...

Very cute idea!

Peggy said...

How clever...and simple!
I LOVE fair cornodogs, though I resisted at our recent state fair (did NOT resist the giant mountain of curly fries though). I think I will regret my decision.

S and family said...

Your coworkers are so lucky to have you at their school!