Sunday, September 12, 2010

Play Toolbox

My friend Sandye has a cute little guy who I don't get to see nearly enough.  She told me awhile ago they were headed to town in the beginning of September, so it was time for me to try to convince her to come more often!  I found theis little toolbox at the thirft store for 99 cents a few months ago.
After it went through the usual inspection process when foreign objects enter my house, I began adapting this to fit a boy name Max, NOT Sierra, who is working on his second birthday.  On a sidenote, please tell me who told me about the Goodwill?  That was NOT nice advice....I've 99 cent-ed my way through most of any extra money, and I'd like to move in with that person b/c paying bills are a LOT less fun than shopping at thrift stores. 
On the side of this side notes (most meals come with two sides), I also took the measurements of this box so that I could make one someday....and when I say "I"...I mean, I'm going to give the dimensions to someone else to make. 
I oringally thought I'd make a little toolbelt, and some felt tools.  I sewed a toolbelt by folding fabric up, and creating some pockets, but then I found these little plastic tools at Target's dollar spot, for half off. 
It took a million coats of bad looking paint to go over Sierra's name, and I was so frustrated I just wrote Max's name on with a permanant marker, and if I can get over the frustration (frustration=laziness), I'll go back and paint again and use the cricut to cut and paint some better looking letters. 
I'm now going to tell my friend Sandye to collect some empty boxes for Max to play with and 'build' structures with...empty boxes are the best.  I also think she'll love me telling her what to do. I'm pretty sure it's one of the things my friends love best about me.  In the immortal words of a child of the early nineties, "Not!"  I'll make her something too so she forgets she has a bossy friend who gives gifts with 'more jobs' attached. 
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