Handled Travel Pillow

Saturday, September 25, 2010
This is the beginnings of a gift for a friend that doesn't check my blog....because he's 8 months old.  I'm sure when he is 10 months he'll check it daily.  I just needed to make an excuse give a reason for why I'm breaking my 'don't post before you give the gift, 2010 Resolution plan of action' for the 1,234 time this month.  If the 8 month old part doesn't work, this is also just the beginnings of his gift.  Anyway, let's not talk about that anymore because it's not fun for me.  A few months ago I made a little travel bag filled with activity bags for the cutest girl under the age of 2 in my family.  I wrote about it here.  BUT THEN I saw the idea for making travel pillows on Sugar Bee's site here.  I think this is so clever b/c you can fill it with a travel pillow, AND toss a few other things (books, games, activities) to bring along on the plane/train/automobile in the pillow/bag.   I love the idea of the handle on the pillow for this purpose.   His nursery is animal themed, and I had some jungle fabric I bought at some point b/c I liked it.  I may add an initial like I did for Blythe, or I may just add goodies. 
As for a simplified version of the process.  I bought some pillow cases, but then I figured out that I didn't actually have to use pillow cases, I could use fabric.  I had some left over sheet fabrics from the barn play tent I made,  I sewed a collection of fabric together after eye-balling the size I'd need the pillow case to be...
I then attempted to stitch a thick zig-zag into a rectangle so I could cut out the middle fabric, and he would have a sturdy carrying handle. 
I sewed down the sides inside out, turned it right side out,  and now I just have to worry about what other things I'll include in this little bag.  You bet there will be a book...or four.  It's the teacher in me.

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Anji* said...

So cute, I love the fabrics, that jungle one is lovely..

I love your idea of including travel activities in it too!