Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dollar Store Treat Bucket

This probably won't rock too many people's world, BUT I will say I saw these buckets on sale for 10+ dollars at Canton (a huge craft/antique sale held monthly in Texas).  I recognized the buckets they were using to 'personalize' each treat bucket as one they currently have at the Dollar Tree, and I decided to try my hand at a quick treat bucket.  The buckets they were selling could be personalized for an additional fee with vinyl names for Trick or Treating.  This is my first toe dip into the world of vinyl, and I like it.  I have more letters because I bought a vinyl pack, so it won't be the last vinyl dip I take.  Basically, I grabbed some vinyl letters (they sell these packs for a couple bucks at Walmart, and Michael's), I acquired orange vinyl (thanks, Heather), and cut out circles. 
What I LOVED about the vinyl was it was easy to peel off, and push back down and move around until I had it placed just like I liked it.  This go 'round it was a TREAT bucket, next up for me, a trick bucket.  I want my trick or treaters to have choices.  I didn't think writing my name on the bucket and working the candy bowls in the neighborhood would fly.  There are not too many 31 year olds collecting the good candy these days, though I get plenty of parents holding bags as they 'take' their kids around.  They better come with a cute bucket if they want the candy in my bucket.


Lori said...

I have been looking for vinyls for sale. I'll check walmart.

julienp said...

Love your blog. I saw a project of yours that I tried and wanted to post on my blog. Is it ok if I post it with a link back to your original post?

Carrie G said...

I bought some of these buckets last year and decorated with a child's name and something like liked on the other side (ie batman, car, plane) and used it to put their birthday present in. My son also has one with his name and batman he uses for his batman toys.