Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas: Gingerbread: Gingerbread House On-A-Stick

OK, I might need to perfect my piping technique, but I decided I could not go one more day without making a mini gingerbread house, and the only thing as wonderful as mini are things on sticks, so I combined my two loves.  I needed to know if it could be done, so I tested it out, and guess what, it can!  I'm now going to build a small neighborhood of these little guys! 
Here's the process that worked for me:
I baked some brownies.  I doubled up the thin brownies, and used some chocolate (green, b/c I was using it up) to hold the pieces together. You could just bake them in a smaller dish so they were thick enough to begin with and skip this extra step of having to glue pieces together, but why?  I covered the bottom of the house (that meets the stick) with chocolate to hold it in place. 
I broke some grahams in half.  They were a little ragged on the edges, but the chocolate grout should  cover that up. 
I also melted some chocolate morsels in a baggie, squished them around, and then snipped the edge of one side off for piping. 
I used the chocolate as glue to attach the walls.  I then piped down the sides to hold the pieces together.  I added a little rectangle of brownie to the top for the 'roof' to hang on.  I added a triangle of graham cracker to the front to cover up the exposed brownie.  I really didn't have any problem with the crackers snapping where I wanted them to.  I could have grated off the ragged edges, but I just used this as an excuse to use more chocolate.  I cut the wall pieces in half to make the roof.  It only took the chocolate a little bit of time to harden enough to set down on wax paper to dry.  I'm going to make more of these and now start sprinkling these little houses and decorating them up in honor of the Christmas season!
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