Finger Puppets

Saturday, December 18, 2010
I had planned to make Blythe finger puppets that look like the family.  These would have made cute stocking stuffers.  These are NOT those puppets.  These were some VERY SWIFTLY sewn puppets I made for my Mom's friend who collects finger puppets.  It was a last minute idea.  She retired at the end of August, and my Mom was trying to think of a little some to throw into a gift for her, and I remember she loved finger puppets, and I suggested puppets that resemble some of the people she works with (the gal on the right is my Mom).  When she's missing the staff, she can pull them out, they can help keep her company, or remind her of why retirement is a good thing.  There are really probably 15 people that play a big role in office life, but I limited the collection to four for now.  I can only imagine if I had whipped up one for each member of the staff.   It's hard to see the hair behind each puppet, and next time I'll pull out the sewing machine to make better clothing, but these sort of capture each person's personilty, fashion, and coloring.  The base of the puppet is felt.  I stitched on the face, and hair to the front and back, and then I pressed them front sides together, stitched along the edge, flipped rightside out, and dressed.  The good feelings were harmed in the making of these finger puppets. 

Someday I'll put some of these together for Blythe, just not today.

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Lori said...

Enjoy your break, I know you will be busy with creative ideas.