January: Then end of the beginning....of the year...

Sunday, January 30, 2011
 Excuse my personal dust, this is for 'my record' for January 2011...pending two more days. 
    I'm sorry, but since when were months allowed to go by so swiftly?  I think this at the end of every 'adult' January...What?...a month is already gone?  And then I forget to be amazed by the swiftness of time until...Novemberish...which will be here before I know it.  Wow, saying that stressed me out b/c I don't have a single Christmas gift for next year made, and I only wish I were kidding about that idea bothering me!
     I've been so busy everywhere....I've been pitiful at everything b/c there is too much being juggled in the few hours between work, and sleep....and that's saying a lot considering how late I already go to bed.  I do this periodically, and I know it's now time to reevaluate.  I can't actually do everything (despite my personal beliefs), even if it's all 'good,' I have to consider what God wants on my list, as opposed to what I, my friends, or the world as a whole suggest I do, even with the best intentions.
    On that note, I haven't been doing too much crafting...as in...none, but, in the past, I did a lot I never posted, hence, a weird hodge podge of things over the last few weeks.  On the other hand, I have a ton of things I want to try out.  I save links I love, or jot down things that inspire me, or ideas everywhere.  On my computer alone I have a word document and it's currently 35 pages of ideas....each idea only takes up two lines so....I need to petition for a few more hours in each day.  I did stop by the thrift store today (on my way home from Saturday School :insert hissing: and pick up a few things. 
    Speaking of day jobs.  This is my tenth year of teaching.  I can't believe how much has changed.  So much has to do with our economy, but just four years ago it was sometimes difficult to fill a spot with a quality, qualified teacher, now it's almost impossible for an experienced teacher to find a spot here. Few are leaving, nobody is being hired.  I have a lot of friends who moved into teaching as a second/more secure job for their family, and they have not been able to find jobs.   I'm grateful to have one, as are so many.  As a person with a 'specialist' title in the district, I know my position is being reviewed in the budget, and it makes me nervous.  I'm not afraid of change, I fear not being in charge of how things will change for me.  Fortunately, I put my faith in a Higher Power than the school district, the state, or anything in between.  ...and in case the district asks, I've completely worked out their budget problems for them with some of my teaching friends....I'll be waiting next to my phone...and waiting....and waiting. 
     One last thing for my one record:  A year ago I decided I was going to blog every single day.  No reason. Just because.  I do a lot of things just to prove I can do it.  Guess what?  In two days....I did it.  I have a ton of stuff still set to post, I'll still be posting, but I'll also be figuring out....now what?  I set goals for myself every day in every avenue, it keeps me driving forward, and I'll keep doing it...until it drives me crazy.  Gretchen shared an email with me the other day, and it included a quote I loved that sums up my goals, big or little.  "Goals are dreams with deadlines."  Back to the 'blog thing...'
     I truly didn't know there was a world of bloggers outside your circle of friends that share...and more importantly care.  I love that b/c I've enjoyed getting to 'know' people with similar interest. I've learned some things...for better or worse.  There's a good, bad, and ugly side, but the 'good' is enough right now...I'm enjoy the ride. 
     January is already a bit of a blur (with a day left), but February is going to be pretty spectacular.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way! Sometimes it all just goes by in a blur!! I do not know where this school year has even gone...just a few more months and my girlies will be out. :) Enjoy your last day of January, hopefully it will be as beautiful as yesterday was for us. :)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I love this post, Christy. Time is a tricky thing. It seems to go by more quickly every year. How does that happen? I hope your job is safe... coming from a education background I understand the worry. Congrats on posting every day last year... what an accomplishment. Looking forward to February!