A Week of...Valentine's Day Ideas

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Last year, I did participate in Valentine's Day, despite my usual protest regarding the holiday.  I don't have a huge collection because a year ago...I didn't post a lot of projects even when I did projects.  Here's a few from the recent, and distant past, and then....I'll add another 8 or so to this growing idea collection over the next week.  Someday I might need these ideas for more than my friends and their kiddos.
I posted these bubbles and heart wand a few weeks ago:
...along with this framed 'wreath':

And some conversation cakes from last year: 

Oreo Pops:


Anonymous said...

All great!!! I love the conversation heart cakes, very cool!!

Erin said...

Love all of these ideas!!!! Very cool conversation heart cakes! YUM!