Thursday, March 31, 2011

1/2 Way to Twilight Party Invitation: Breaking Dawn

OK, I realize if you haven't read Breaking Dawn, this invitation is going to go totally over your head, but it must be documented. 
Last June, a big group of gals at my work got together to see the opening of Eclipse.  We had a really good time.  This is not to be confused with our get together for the opening of New Moon.  Or our future plans to go see Breaking Dawn, or a party I wasn't able to attend that was a pre-party for the Eclipse party.  Let's pretend it's because we all like each other so much, OK?    (In our defense, as this goes up to post, there is another large group of gals headed over to my house for a book club meeting (Melissa started) on :gasp: a book other than Twilight. )
Anyway, we decided to have a halfway to Breaking Dawn party so we could get together and watch Eclipse on Lauren's amazingly humongous TV.  Mostly, we wanted to inspect the skin condition on random actors and actresses playing the roles of wolves, and vampires. 
Since it was a halfway to Breaking Dawn, we decided to celebrate the halfway point of the book-Isle Esme.  I'll do a full post Friday with beach, sparkles, and feathers.  Only Twilight readers will get this.  And just wait until you see a party game....Jacob fans, be prepared to mount a campaign! 
But first, my favorite part of any party, and the main reason I'm willing to get involved in ANY party-the invitation! 
I baked up pina colada cupcakes (which I blogged the recipe for two days ago). 
Lauren had the perfect size box for the cupcakes (from Michael's), and printed off these invites. 
Heather brought shells, and we went to work. 
A few of the invites getting ready to go out. 
A ribbon, and a feather (Twilight fans get this). 


L!ND$EY said...

Ah! These invitations are so clever and cute. Although, I can't help but feel a pang of jealousy about not being a part of all your fun :( I look forward to you posting more details and pics so I can live vicariously through you (as I type this, I have a chunky Chihuahua trying to get my attention by shoving his face within a quarter inch of mine, lol).

Deb said...

well it sounds like fun....

Erin said...

Okay Christy, this is awesome! Love the books and movies! We kind of have this weird vampire obsession in my house. (I say we but it's really only me. It just makes me feel better to say we). =o)

Tam :o) said...

Hey Christy, cannot believe you are already starting your Twilight season...LOVE IT!!!

Colette said...

So so so cute. As a huge Twilight fan (and scholar), I'm impressed with the attention to detail. Very creative!

--Colette from Little Lion's Life

Amanda and Cade Butler said...

Holy moly these cupcakes were fabuloussssss!

tt.scraps said...

Good gravy...I love your party style!!! Because of you I have bamboo forks coming in the mail along with rock candy stirrers, and who knows what else I ordered yesterday as soon as I got home from work. :) The mailman will LOOVE me! I just need to get my life-sized JACOB! :)