Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mail An Egg

 I stumbled upon a blog looking for some mailing packages, and I saw this adorable idea for mailing an egg.  Not only does this fill my need to mail random things in random package, it coincided nicely with the fact that I've been a total slacker this Easter in getting gifts off to my friend's kiddos.  I've been mailing things sporadically...some are Easterish....some...just a desperate attempt at something.  Blythe, my MVP this year was going to go without if I didn't get my game together.  Enter Egg Idea.  I ran to party city and I got some of her favorite things-accessories. 
 Bracelettes, a bunny ring that lights up, and a couple of stickers.  I had purple stickers...I misplaced them....I guess they'll show up someday. 
There were about a million things I could have filled the eggs with in the party bins at party city-those food erasers that are all the rave, mini baby tiarras, mini cards, wrapped candies...oh the possibilities.  I stuck her address on the front with a label, and I taped the sides of the egg.  There is decorate tape you can use, or if you don't lose your stickers (and your mind) trying to get these off before it's Happy...umm...May Day...stickers around the edge of the seal would be cute too.  I'm pretty sure you can get away with one regular stamp, and one 20 cent stamp, but I put two regular stamps on these gals...again...the time thing.  And purple people eater is off to California (address, obviously erased b/c I doubt Mom and Dad want people showing try to get that fabulous bunny ring).  The mailing results were positive from the original post, and I think you are currently looking at how I'll be sending my friend's kiddos gifts for the next few years!  The US Postal service is going to LO-OVE me! 
P.s.  Erin at Making Memories did this and just posted about it too, great her blog.  ;o)  Great minds.  She took hers to be weighed at the postal service, they probably like her better, went off without a hitch!

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Holly said...

I am putting one together tonight and mailing it to my little girl tomorrow. It is going to be from the "Easter Bunny." She will be sooo thrilled to get mail from the bunny! :)

Erin said...

I'm telling ya'. I think we were separated at birth! We rock the mailing Easter egg idea! =o)

CAS said...

This is really cute. A couple of years ago, I mailed goodies to my grandkids in (empty) water bottles. I sliced them in two pieces toward the top, then filled them. I used clear packing tape to seal them closed, added an address label, & took them to the P.O. They were skeptical at first, but then decided "Why not?" & all broke out in smiles over the sheer cleverness. What can I say, except I had seen it somewhere, so it wasn't an original idea! I think they cost around a $1 to mail each one. My grandkids were delighted, to say the least. I love stuff like this!

Jana said...

I LOVE this idea.

L!ND$EY said...

I'm so excited to try this! My mind is racing with ideas of what to send =)

PicturePerfectPixies said...

Oh I wish I would have seen this a day or two ago. My nephew would have loved this for Easter.

He may just get a late Easter Egg.