Milestone Marker-

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
A little more personal dust...
 Through the years one of the biggest milestone markers in my life has been moments with my friend Regan.  I started our story here.  We are working on 25 years of friendship, and a lot of times when I'm measuring my life, I look back at the moments we've spent together. From school girl interests, crushes, and troubles (or getting IN trouble), to bigger days, bigger hurts, bigger triumphs. 
There's a point in a friendship where you know...this is forever...I just don't know what that point was.  Sure, we have seasonal friends, and we have other lifelong friends, but in the center of my universe is this friend.  It was years ago that I decided the most important thing for me to worry about is being a friend, and focusing less on what my friends can do for me.  We don't keep score, and it's why we work.  In doing so, Regan has never told me I'm lacking in anything, she accepts the love and time when I give it.   It's always there....and if she needs it she knows to call.   When I call her and tell her a situation that's bothering me, she can dig down as deep as I go and know all the layers and levels of this issue, it's not about today, but a lifetime.  She knew me when, which explains me now.
There was no doubt I'd be attending  her college graduation, it was a long time coming due to a stop in the military, and marriage, and all the things that come with being a wife and a stepmom, but this weekend, it came flying up all the same.  I flew to Clarksville, TN (where her husband is stationed) Wednesday night.  We shopped a little Thursday, and then got to the business of getting Regan ready for graduation.  Regan's parents (some of the family God let me choose for myself) came into town and we spent time catching up over dinners and household hanging out).  Friday was graduation day.  Austin Peay, and a Psychology Degree awaited. 

 This smile makes it worth it. 
Saturday introduced an opportunity for more celebration with a barbeque including local friends, and then I flew out much too quickly on Sunday morning.  The best news...unlike other times, I know when I'll be fact, I know of at least three times I'll be visiting in the next year.  Regan's bringing a new little being into this world for me to love, and you better believe I've got a lot to teach the little one about love, and friends, and family.  I look forward to the next milestone as we close this chapter, but not this book of friendship.


Ashley said...

awww! You two are very lucky to have eachother! Reading that made me teary eyed! haha

tt.scraps said...

So sweet!!! :)