Mom's Vintage Beach Frame

Saturday, May 28, 2011
This is my fourth of 4 magnetic/wooden something projects I've done.  I bought a piece of sheet metal last spring, and tried to put together a frame I saw at a craft fair.  I wrote about the whole process here.  I've made 3 versions of picture holders, and one magnetic recipe holder.  I orignally had 4 pieces of wood, and four pieces of metal.  One piece of wood ruined, BUT I found a piece of wood floating on the shores of the Great Lakes on Mackinaw, MI. 
I'm sure it came from a lumber yard, but I decided I needed to freecycle this scrap, it makes it more meaningful, AND it was the perfect size.  I found this scrapbook paper and it screamed my Mom's name.  All that screaming paper makes scrapbook stores a rather loud place!  I painted the sides of the frame red, cut out the portions of the paper I liked for the rest, used a Making Memories circle punch for the magnets, glued on the metal sheet, added some mod podge, and then wrapped 'er up for Christmas with a beach photo.  Considering how often Mom and I head to the water for Mother/Daughter vacations, the magnets are a good thing.  :O) 

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