Vintage Broach Necklace

Friday, June 10, 2011
 I didn't make this, but I had the good sense to buy it.  Big chunk jewelry is my favorite....old vintage broaches compiled into a big chunk necklace?  Yes, please!  I bought this for a little too much money from a vendor, but it was one of those'll never be able to reproduce this, so I had to get in regardless of the expense.  I actually wanted one of each of her Texas trash pieces, but there is this little thing I have to focus on despite my greatest wishes called my checkbook balance.  I had to select one, so I went pink.  Each of the necklaces are made out of old jewelry....broaches, beads, etc etc.  I love that so much.  Some of the details here, the broach on the left opens up and is a locket! 
 It's tied with a vintage ribbon, and this is the back of the main pieces where she popped off the old pins. 
I love the center of this broach.
One of the petals on the left hand broach is the latch that opens the locket. 
 Nope, I didn't make it, but I'm going to make one as soon as I get the right pieces.  I found some old jewelry for starters.  16.25 for this haul.  I need a few more pieces to get just the right combo, including old chains....and then...I'm going to work. 
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Connie the crafterbug said...

I can see why you are in love with these, they are beautiful! i can't wait to see the one you make.

Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Fabulous find there! Please do post when you make your own.

Ella said...

what a great is beautiful!! and yes, please do show us yours when you finish it!

Regan and Dave said...

I NEED this, not want, NEED!!