How To: Freeze a Cupcake

Thursday, August 18, 2011
As a single gal, my very favorite question is-can you freeze it?  I usually cut recipes in half...or in thirds, but there is just something about a's hard to make 'just a few.'  I had to do just that for someone last Easter, and there just wasn't a good way (in my head) to scale Back with the red velvet due to the dye etc, so I began a hunt online in reference to if cake can be frozen.  I've heard it can, but it made me nervous.  I've never had too much success with freezing it's been frozen upon the defrosting. 
Guess what, through a combo of online advice, this method actually worked really well!  No freezer taste upon defrosting!  I'm adding it to my strange, yet useful 'things you can freeze' list. 
The process:
Bake per usual.  Cool.  Place in tupperware (or ziplock bags), cover the tops with wax paper and seal in tupperware (or ziplock).  These will last in the freezer up to several months (and counting). There were a few due drops left on top of the wax paper....but...that's where it stayed!

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Mrs. S. said...

I know if you want to send a cupcake to school you can cut it in half and flip the top making a "cupcake sandwich." Do they defrost well?

Deb said...

now that is a good thing to know...

Creatrish said...

Merci for the tip cos I had the same problem, always too many cupcakes!