Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Pumpkin: Pumpkin Bread

I understand there are a lot of versions of pumpkin bread, but this is the best.  This is a recipe I got from my Mom, and she got it from my grandmother.  We make it every year around Christmas.  It freezes well too, so I usually put one in the freezer to have later.  "Later" is a relative term when it comes to thing I love.  I LOVE this bread.  LOVE! 
Pumpkin Bread Recipe
Makes 3 loaves.
Cream together 3 c. of sugar, 1 c. of oil,. and 4 eggs.  Slowly sift in 3 1/3 c. flour, 2 t. baking soda,  1/2 t. salt, 1 t. cloves, 1 t. cinnamon, 1 t. nutmeg and alternate with 2/3 c. hot water.  Add 2 c. (1 can) pumpkin. 
Bake 1 hour at 350. 
Sprinkle with powdered sugar when finished.


Jules said...

That looks really good!!

Amanda and Cade Butler said...

Um, I looooooove pumpkin bread! I've been caught eating it raw before... only on long days, of course. :)

Mandi said...

We love pumpkin bread!! And pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies...Haha. Your recipe looks divine! I'm not entirely happy with the recipe I used last Fall, so I'm going to switch to yours. :)

Mandi at BBM

Margie said...

I have been making pumpkin bread for many years and my recipe calls for allspice instead of cloves. Try it. I have never had anyone that does not just Love my pumpkin bread.

CObakes said...

Best pumpkin recipe I have found!
I do live in CO so I had to switch a few things for the high altitude. in case anyone else is in the same situation here it is:
-Bake at 375 for 1 hour
-Take out 4 TBS of Sugar
-Reduce baking powder by 1/4 T.
-Add 3 TBS more water

Stacey said...

I found your recipe from Pinterest (where it has a lot of fans). Question: can I make these in my mini loaf pan? I want to make a bunch for my son's Halloween party! Also, my mom puts raisins or currants in her pumpkin bread (my son would probably prefer chocolate chips). What do you think? Thanks.

Christy said...

You can absolutely make these in smaller pans (I've even made them in those mini bundt pans to look like pumpkins). I just sprinkle powdered sugar on mine. It's a moist case, so I don't think I'd add raisins. You might try baking one test bread with chocolate chips, one without and see what you think?

Anonymous said...

Does this recipe make just one loaf? What size is your pan?

Christy said...

It makes three loaves. There are mini pans, large pans, and then a 'medium''s the medium (sort of a traditional size bread, not sure on the exact measurements) and it makes three of that size loaf. It also freezes well!

katherine g said...

Greetings from Alaska! Thank you for the recipe. I just tried it and it came out beautiful and delicious. I'm not a baker but this recipe made it possible! Thank you for sharing! My neighbors and family loved it!!

Sewmama said...

I LOVE this recipe. I make 1-2 loaves and then make mini muffins out of the rest.