Halloween: Skeleton: Skull-Soap-On-A-Rope

Thursday, October 13, 2011
I saw this idea last year at Dollarstorecrafts and I knew I had to try it out.  I had already purchased the ice molds (they have them again this year, including different shapes like the pumpkin). I went a little different route.  I discovered awhile ago that you don't actually have to buy those blocks of soap to make soap.  I made these recycled soap molds for my bathroom using extra soaps I had from hotel visits.   So...the beauty of this project is it literally just cost me the dollar I spent for the mold.  The soap was sort of hard, usually you can just throw it in a pan with a little water, heat, stir, melt, pour.  This time, I set the hotel soaps in a dish of water overnight so it was soft.  I pour out the extra water.
 The soap was really pliable, so I pushed it into the molds.
  I tied some yarn, and pushed the knots down into the skulls, and covered it with more soap. 
 I let it dry...and then....ta da-skull-soap-on-a-rope for my little friends this Halloween.


Erin said...

You seriously are a genius! LOVE these!

tt.scraps said...

Wow! Love this! :) gonna have to put this on my things to do!