Last Minute Projects for Halloween

Friday, October 28, 2011
There is candy in my house in anticipation of the trick or treaters...that's mostly due to the fact that there is always candy in my house because candy is magical, and I like to keep a little magic in my life.  Oh, and I never know when I'm going to randomly trick or treat August.   BUT for Halloween, I like to go beyond the traditional candy bucket and give little gifts to friends, friend's kiddos, friend's kiddo's doctor's sister's favorite pet sitter. You know, the important people in my life. I haven't done that yet.  :insert gasp here:  You can officially call this an emergency of epic proportion in my world.  Maybe in some people's world 3 days before a holiday does not constitute as 'last minute,' but I assure you 'only' 3 more days until a holiday ranks as a major-minor predicament in my life. As I right this catastrophe....I've been shoveling through some old projects to create for the above mentioned people, and I'm sharing a few of these today on Good Morning, Texas. 
Here are the projects and the links attached to each that goes through the step by step instructions, resources, and random rabbit trails I run down while blogging.  Because.  I.  Can.
I made some of these last year for my friends hosting Halloween parties at their house. 
First:  Holiday Soaps
The sign of a truly thoughtful hostess is when the party extends into the bathroom.  I made that up.  It sounded good.  Wait, really didn't.    Unless you don't have holiday appropriate soap in your bathroom.  Then, you should ignore me.  Really, I made these in an effort to make my friend's little boys squeal with joy.  And wash their hands.   Get it, hands?    Monster hand soap.  Some-bod-y is lame.  Somebody talks in third person.  Somebody is moving on.
Monster Hand Soap

Skeleton Soaps

I also made these soaps just because. 
I used the same steps from the monster hand soaps, but I just poured the melted soap into a glass dish (with a spider ring) after I sprayed it with Pam so it was easy to pull out when it hardened.
...and then Cake in a Jar
Really, need I explain the importance of gifts that are edible?  If so:  #1  It's edible #2  It's edible.  #3 The awesome thing about a jar is that you don't have to be a master at piping little designs on cupcakes, the jar does the talking.  People think you are clever, and they don't even care that Betty Crocker made your cake, and ziplock is in charge of the design techniques.  Hello, traveling cupcake.  I die a little every time. P.s.  These are also shippable.  Yay!
Cupcakes in a Jar

For more ideas for making holiday soaps (dinosaur soap, cupcake fizz balls, and even ways to recycle piles of hotel soaps), or other creative ways to serve if the festive liners aren't on the labels below this post (soap or cake).

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