Winnie The Pooh: Piglet Punch and Tigger's Twisted Pasta

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
 I had a small bar of food, including yesterday's Eeyore Egg Salad Sandwiches to accompany the honey bar (tomorrow's post).  I decided to recycle the idea of serving drinks in the jars I originally bought for the Milk and Cookies Baby Shower I helped throw last spring.  I added some scrapbook paper, and bought some matching straws from Etsy with pink dots. 
 I also made a pasta salad with twisted pasta (Heather's idea for Tigger and his bouncy ways), I added two packages of noodles, a jar of Italian dressing, a can of sliced olives, cut up cherry tomatoes, diced broccoli, and diced purple onion.  I also cut out pages from an old Pooh book, sprayed some frames brown, and these are doubling as decorations in the Vintage Pooh themed nursery after the shower. 


Lori said...

Love the dotted straws in the punch. Great theme for a baby shower.

sabri said...

too cute!!