Baby Bonnet to Bride's Bouquet Keepsake Gift Idea

Wednesday, November 02, 2011
 This is one of the easiest sewing projects I've ever done.  If you can sew a line, you can whip one of these up.  My friend Mary told me about a tradition her family has had in place for decades.  20+ years ago she used a vintage hankercheif to make a baby bonnet for her oldest daughter.  Fastforward 22+ years, and she used this same handkercheif to wrap around her bridal bouquet.  She has since made two more out of the many, many bonnets she's made for this same daughter's two kiddos.  She said the babies can wear these home from the hospital, or during their baptism.  With my Goddaughter on the way, I knew it was time to break out this tradition in my own life.  I found two really pretty linen squares at an antique store.  50 cents....for both. 
 Fold it in half. 
 Sew a line at the top about 1/3 inch in.  Leave both ends open, this will be the back. 
 Thread ribbon through this (attach a safety pin to the end to help push it through).  I bought this satin ribbon for a dollar at the craft store. 
 Pull to form a circle. 
 Tie a bow and trim. 
 Take two more pieces of ribbon and stitch these onto the sides of the front of the bonnet. 
 I don't own a baby, so I used a can to show how this will rest on the head.  Tie to keep in place. 
 Here's the back.  She makes this for boys as well, their future brides can carry these in their bouquets as well. 

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Lori said...

I don't own a baby! You crack me up. And how sweet is this idea.

Lea Ann Hoyt said...

What size hankies did you use? That is a very gorgeous bonnet.