Gingerbread Faces

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
I love gingerbread men so much. I dedicated a week paying homage to them last year, the links live here on my blog. My pal, Terry sent me a link that I followed to a link, that I followed to a link, that I lost.  All this to say, I've seen these guys before, and I loved them, and they were simple to throw together.  I bought a pillow for 80 cents at the thrift store. 

 I cut out a bunch of circles that were about 8 inches across, they can be any size, I give *you* permission to make bigger or little ginger're welcome. 
 I boiled up some tea, I went with two bags (I'd add more next time, or start with a darker fabric b/c they aren't all as dark as I like my cookies). 
 I soaked over night.  The colors are uneven, and this is what I want. 
 The are darker than this photo, but I love the rustic look. 
 I sewed around in a circle, leaving one inch open for stuff. 
 I flipped outside in, stuffed, and sewed off the edge.  I then used this vintage blush I stole from my Mom years ago....and rubbed on some cheeks with a q-tip. 
 I used the back end of the q-tip and some black paint to dab on eyes.  Only one q-tip was harmed in the making of these cookies...resourceful, huh? 
 I used puff paint to make the squiggles of icing around the face, I decided I didn't like the thing line, so I went back and painted it thicker and flatter to the cookie. 
I used some spray adhesive and added some glitter to the tops of their heads.  I'm just that kind of gal.  Next time I'd probably spray the spray into the can lid, and brush on the paint to control where it sprays, it was a little thick.  Add a tag, a little scrap of fabric and a tin can or basket and tada....basket 'o cookies. 

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Connie the crafterbug said...

These are so cute!