Valentine's Day: Spread the Love-Homemade Garlic Butter

Monday, January 16, 2012
Last year I made some homemade bread, and Valentine's Day wax paper to wrap it in.  When I saw this cute little idea for jarring up homemade butter here, I had to add it to my bag o' tricks. 
I decided to whip up some butter my pal Jennifer taught me how to make.  Basically, you sprinkle garlic salt into a light butter (it's softer, and by the time you add seasoning, I can't really tell the difference). 
Depending on your love of seasoing, add 2+...+...+++ T to the butter and mix to your taste. 
I used jars from other products I had saved, and cleaned out with baking soda to eliminate any odor. 
Make it pretty, add bread, and spread the love. 

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