Ladybug A Palooza

Saturday, February 04, 2012
My friend's niece is turned one.  Her sister-in-law contacted me last week about putting together a few snacks in honor of the big occasion.  I have been known to throw together a ladybug project or two, so I got buzzzzy.  My house was soon infested. 
I made a ton of lady bug cupcakes for the guest, which I did one time in the past for a Very Hungry Caterpillar Cupcake Event.
 Let me pause for a minute and say I love this cupcake holder, it's so deep that the icing actually stays in tact for cupcakes like this, thanks Taylor!
I also made a baby cake for the birthday girl.  I decided to go with pink icing b/c I could see red icing being a problem if she ate with her hands, which most one year olds do....ahhh....those were the days! 
I added one of the cake balls to the top that I posted about last week.  I bagged these up for the favors they put together for the party. 
Last up.....ladybug pretzels-I blogged about the process to making these here
The one tip I'd administer, mostly to my future me, is to go ahead and  buy chocolate covered pretzels.  I didn't last time, but I was making fewer bugs on that occasion.  This allows one less dipping (which can be a little labor intensive if given the time).
 I was able to just melt the red chocolate, and a LITTLE milk chocolate to make the dots.  I skipped the eyes this just creeps me out a little when they are little eyes. 


Tiffany@Fizzy Party! said...

What a great little party. My friend Carole would love this post. She is a lady bug freak.

Deb said...

my kind of party..

ErinandShane said...

you must tell us where that cupcake holder came from!

Christy said...

A friend of mine told me she got it at's also had some little flat sheets of plastic you can put over the cupcake holes so you can carry cakes/pies etc on some of the layers!