Lady Bug Favor Pinata

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
 A few weeks ago I made a bunch of mini pull tab pinatas.  I love these individual size pinatas, and I heart the idea of filling these with something other than the traditional candy.  I delved into the world of less traditionally shaped pinatas, and made lady bug party pinatas after the initial wave.  Instructions for making these pinatas are here.  Instead of beating these bugs open with bats, you can add a pull tab to the bag to pour out the treats. 
 I decided on the ladybug theme before I went shopping for ladybug supplies, apparently it's more of a spring thing.  I found a few things, but I also made a pop with tissue, permanant marker dots and pipe cleaner. 
 I filled another bag with colored 'bug bites'.
 I also made some lady bug pretzels, the instructions for these pretzels are here
I filled my pinata with these goodies.  Add the names of the guest to each mini lady bug, and ta da-a uber cute party favor that goes beyond the traditional bags. 
A few other party's a cupcake. 
I used the instructions on the above link, but I covered the bottom half of the pinata with a coffee filter for the baking 'cup.'  A bunch of these hanging from a ceiling at a party would be precious.  The guest could even decorate their own cupcake pinata. 
 And some mini-mini pinatas.  I made these little bees.  Instead of a balloon I used an Easter egg.  Fill, decorate, crack open. 
 These would also be fun on a table housed in little cloches.  I made this one with finds from the thrift store.  Tutorial here

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Deb said...

Christy so adorable....of course you know I'm a little partial to ladybugs....

Deb said...

hope your having a great summer...

tt.scraps said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! WOW! YOU are amazing!!!!