Family Time in Pasadena

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last weekend my Mom, Cousin, and I flew out to LA to visit my cousin and his (growing) family in Altadena.  We spent the weekend with family before heading on to San Diego (which I'll blog about in a few days).  It was a beautiful weekend, and just seeing these pictures made me miss them all over again to the point that my heart hurts! 
This is Blythe, she'll be 3 in May, and she has more personality than the rest of the family put together.  That's to say she has a lot, not that we are all dull...well....never mind, she is cute.

We spent the weekend together playing hopscotch approximately 8,765 times.  I love that she's old enough now to truly interact and have adorable conversations.  I could really go on and on and on about how precious she is....and I have....a lot, but I won't continue...until I post at least two more pictures.  It was just a relaxing time playing simple games outside, browsing the pet store-which is as good as the zoo when you are 2, dying Easter eggs, and reading books.  I want to go back, like, yesterday. 

And then....there is the reason we booked our flights.  Meet Jonathan Noel....cutest little snugly, grunting bundle of fist sucking baby I've ever had the pleasure of cuddling while he slept in my arms in Altadena.  I mean, Blythe was a cutie when she was little, but she was having none of that 'holding' stuff when she was 2 months old. 
I know the next time I see him he'll be crawling, probably walking, talking up a storm, and sprouting a personality of his own.   It's hard to imagine what life will be like with two little ones running around the house. 
It was great spending time with family.  We hit up some favorite places (Bob's Big Boy, which we no longer have in Dallas, but did have when I was little, and so my Mom wanted to go), and we got to see my cousin preach, AND even Baptize some new members of our Christian Family.  It was awesome to hear his heart through his sermon and to see the pieces of him I know growing into the man God is molding him to be. 

The church members are warm, and friendly, and another highlight for me was after each Baptism, as others clapped, Blythe shouted, "Yay, he baptized." For each new baptized brother and sister.  I think she gets the spirit of this dedication, and I might just try it out myself next time the pastor at my church is baptizing, it's ever so much more exciting than our dignified clapping....she's more in tune with, how I'm sure, the angels are celebrating. 

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