Always Kiss Me Goodnight Sign

Wednesday, May 09, 2012
 I usually avoid any project that involves penmanship.  I hold my pen funny.  I don't like my handwriting.  In fact, I progressed,or digressed to writing in all capital letters in junior high.  I guess you could say lower case letters and I broke up because we just couldn't see i-to eye. 
So, when my friend Sarah told me she wanted a sign that read "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" I decided to tackle this fear of penmanship.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not going at it without mediation, and so.....enter computer fonts, and cheater penmanship.  I was pleasantly surprised how well this worked out. 
I grabbed a 2x4 in the scrap bin at Home Depot (my very favorite find at the home improvement store).  I painted it brown, and then I printed off the phrase as big as I could picking a pretty, but relatively simple font. 
I laid it along the board, and then I took a pencil and I pressed down really hard and traced the words so there would be an indention for me to follow with my pain brush. 
 I used a flat paint brush and just followed along the letter indention.  Yay.  I sanded the edges of the sign, got a bunch of saw dust in my eyes, added to brackets to the end, and decided I'd be willing to see lower case letters again as long as the visits are supervised. 

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