Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Chipotle's Lime Rice

 I love, love, love Chipotle's lime rice.  I've also found this is one of the few carbs I can eat before I run and not get sick.  Umm...what happened to carbo loading.  When I found a recipe for the rice on skinny taste, I decided to try it out.  OK, actually, I tried out a recipe for this rice a year ago, and whatever that recipe was didn't work for me, but this one was ooober good.  I currently have cilantro living in my backyard in a pot....that won't last long, but for now, I pretend I'm a gardener who can cook like a restaurant chef.  Make believe is a healthy skill to possess, right? 
Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice
*adapted a bit
1 c (uncooked) rice, prepare as instructed on the bag (I just use a rice cooker, it's the only way I can cook rice without a black layer on the bottom). 
Toss rice with juice of 1/2 lime, 1 t. salt, 3 T fresh, chopped cilantro, 2 t. vegetable oil. 


Jessica said...

Wow thus sounds so easy!! I have to make this asap!!

janeeydavis said...

Chipotle's lime rice is really very testy and delicious rice. Thanks for sharing this fantastic recipe. Today night I try to make Chipotle's lime rice.
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