Fruit Dip

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Life came crashing in this spring.  It's been busy, and fun, and busy.  I needed a QUICK dip to bring to an event amidst a ton of other events.  This is a super easy dip, that is really tasty....all things considered.  So if you are busy having fun.....and need a dip.  I can recommend this one.  It goes a long way too, and it's about as simple as you can get and still call it homemade. 
Fruit Dip
Ingredients:  One can of marshmallow fluff, one bar of cream cheese, fruit of your choice (apples, oranges, bananas). 
 Instructions:  Soften Cream cheese, mix with marshmallow fluff and refrigerate.  One other tip.  I cut up about five apples to go with this dip, and I've shared this tip the gals at work taught me in previous post, can add sprite to a bowl and run your fruit through the sprite before storing it in tupperware overnight.  It keeps the fruit from browning, and it doesn't leave the weird taste that lemon water sometimes leaves on fruit. 


Anji* said...

Yum! Sounds delish... also, great tip on dipping the fruit in sprite to preserve it, must try this sometime.

Veronica and Daniel said...

Yum! I like to make my fruit dip with strawberry cream cheese :) I have never thought of using sprite to keep my fruit from browning. So smart!

Lesley said...

Try adding a little bit of almond extract next time, makes it even yummier! Thanks for all your cute ideas, I check in regularly.