Malt Ball Cake

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
 I saw a picture for a malt ball cake, and I saved it in a file for my Aunt's birthday because she is a fan of the malt ball.  She turned....uhhh...wiser last week, and I finally got to put that file to use. 
My Mom made the traditional 'yellow cake'....I'm pretty sure it has a flavor, but the color works fine, and a can of chocolate icing. 
 It took me exactly two large boxes of whoppers (the half gallon size) to cover this cake...give or take a sample or two.  I'm all about quality control. 


Jessica said...

Sugar Buzz!!! Love the idea though!

Creatrish said...

WOW trop coool! love it! want one as well!

Diane said...

This is great. I am also a lover of the malt ball.

Scrappy Gifts said...

Lots of yumminess you've been doing!
This cake looks pretty cool!