Story Book Wreath

Friday, May 11, 2012
 I saw the idea for make a wreath out of book pages at theanswerischocolate.  I wanted to make a wreath for my door at school, and I had some Golden Books from the kid's meals at Chickfila a few months ago (one of my favorite dinners).  This takes so few supplies, I'd say it's pretty earth friendly! 
I cut out a ring from the side of a cardboard box. 
 I covered it with some scrap fabric, you could use paper as well. 
 I hunted through the books for some of the cuter pages.  You don't really see them in detail, but the colors show up.  I cut out all different size circles. 
 I used about 8 per flower of all different sizes.  Once I cut out the shapes, I crumbled it into small balls, then spread it back out, just so it didn't sit so flat. 
 I stacked them up, and used hot glue to stack them. 
 I added a bottle cap to the center, and I put these word stickers inside that have little phrases.  I got them for a dollar at JoAnne's. 
 I added a bow, took a picture that washed out the whites, and then shipped it off to work. 

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