Saturday, May 05, 2012

When Life Gives you Lemons....Package

 I saw the idea for turning brown paper bags into cute little deliver bags.  1825 filled theirs with their friend's favorite things for their birthday, and tied it up with strip....oooohhhh, sooooo, cute.  I died, and knew I had to uses these colors/packaging idea, so I pulled together similar items, and filled my own brown packages.  I brought these to friends recently, and with spring upon us, I decide to go with the yellow theme and make a lemon filled bag, plus....I had lemonades I had bought for an Easter craft that turned out differently than I had hoped!  I filled my bags with the lemonade, lemon drops, and baby lemon bundt cakes I posted about earlier this week.  Soooo yummy.  I added tags, and instead of the tape in the original tuturial, I ran some brown paper through my crinkle machine that I always forget I have, but always love using, added doilies, and ordred some yellow and white twine off etsy (I love twine so much, and I won't be happy until I acquire it in every color....two down).  These would also be great little gifts for Mother's Day, or summer parties.  My teammate and I brought a version of this to the administrative assistant team at work.  I'm just a fan of yellow these days.


Tiffany@Fizzy Party! said...

CUTE! love it and what a great summer gift too.