Friday, May 04, 2012

Wine and Cheese Date Basket

My friend, Amber is getting married this June.  I can't even tell you how excited I am for her!  I'll be sharing more details in the future.  There is a group of us hosting a shower May 9th I'll be blogging details from soon.  I'm also arranging the flowers for her wedding.....which I'm sure I'll be tossing up on the blog as well.  BUT first, I was able to attend her couples shower in March.  We were asked to bring a gift that would make a great date.  A group of gals and I went together and put together this as our gift.  I'm sharing, mostly for my future self, but hey, it could help someone!  I inspected her registry and tried to find something that would inspire the gift, and I saw this cheese grater, about wine and cheese?  This seems very Amber-ish. 
I bought some crackers, two wheels of cheese, chocolates, napkins (I tried to find them with her initial on them, but LITERALLY went to seven places before just going with the colors of their wedding).  I also acquired a bottle of wine, which I know NOTHING about, truly.  Don't even send me to get alcohol.  I'd get you something 'pretty.'  BUT, as a Baptist girl, I may not know what wine to buy, but I know who does.  I asked my Episcopalian friends ;o).  Thanks, Heather for the wine! 
 I added a tag, everyone signed it, I wrapped it up, and delivered it to the happy couple. 
There are so many fun events coming up/that I've been able to enjoy this spring from babies to wedding festivities, to just the joys of daily life.  I so appreciate these moments of celebrating and sunshine.  :O)


Waseem said...

I like the idea and all the pictures...I appreciate it.

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Anji* said...

What a cute gift idea! Mmmmm cheese :)

Tiffany@Fizzy Party! said...

Great gift idea! Anyone would love that. I'm thinking that would be perfect for an housewarming too. Your friend will love it.