July 4th: Star Lip Cookies

Tuesday, June 05, 2012
 I've been completed fascinated with cookies on the lip of a jar for too long now.  It's a few steps away from the 12-step program zone, but.....it doesn't have it's own label yet on my blog, so I'm still safe. 
I made these little cookies using my favorite sugar cookie recipe.  I know a think about sugar cookies, so.....The great thing about this recipe is that it holds it shape, you can make them and freeze them in advance, and they are pretty sturdy....sturdy enough for the lip of a jar vs. the stuff you buy in the tube at the store.  Oh, and add the icing and I pretty much figure this is as close to manna as I can get this side of the pearly gates!  Don't get me wrong, that stuff is yummy too, but it would be floating in my drink at this point. 
To make these stars I just used a small star cookie cutter, and I used a knife to cut out the slit before baking.  I cleaned up that little wedge when they came out of the oven before they cooled (when necessary).  Then I icded and dipped them in seasonaly appropriate sprinkles. 

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