Wednesday, June 06, 2012

July 4th: Fire Cracker S'Mores

 Last year I mailed a package in Crystal light containers and it gave me an idea....I decided to house S'More Kits inside these same little canisters and give them out to some of my friend's kiddos, I blogged about that here.  I used construction paper to decorate each tube, and I added yarn to the top with a tag attached and the instructions for melting the s'mores (if they were going to be near a campsite, or I were serving these at a firepit to guest,  foil would have been fun as well).
 For those of these I mail, I'll be putting the instructions inside the tube, and taping down the lid with the string barely hanging out so it won't get snagged on anything.
As for the innards, I was inspired by these marshmallows and packaging at the Decorated Cookie.  Marshmallows, food writer markers, and patriotic coloring ensued. 
 I bagged up the marshmallows, and crackers inside small baggies I bought in the jewelry section of the craft store.  I also snagged some small chocolate bars. 
 I learned you can make s'mores in the microwave b/c one of the parents at my school gave me a cute little s'more gift set with the title 'We need s'more teachers like you."  You just stack up the smore, and pop them in the microwave for 20 seconds.
 20 seconds later.


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