Shutter Photo Display

Saturday, June 23, 2012
 Add old shutters to the list of things I'm obsessed with.  My house looks like a junk yard with a coat of paint with all sorts of weird pieces of wreckage from homes. 
I acquired this shutter via my friend, Terry, whose sister has something to do with house remodeling and gives her these treasures all the time.  Terry takes them and paints winter scenes on them and sells them, and maybe I'll do that someday, but first, I needed a little bit of heighth on one of my end tables, and it makes a great place to pin up pictures. 
I grabbed a glossy can of black spray from the store, and gave it a coat. 
 I pinned up some of my favorite vacation photos with some clothes pins I made here.  I like this approach b/c I can replace these photos easily as I continue traveling.  I can also pin phone messages etc and little reminders to myself. 
Now I'm off to figure out what to do with an old sheet of ceiling tile! 

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