Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY Decorative Cross

 Every year I choose a gift to make and personalize for friends.  I made aprons for all my friends one years, bags, then jewelry, and now.....crosses.  Not everyone is going to get a cross, but....everyone that will appreciate a cross will get one.  I've seen wooden/decorative crosses in stores and boutiques everywhere.  It's so much more than a symbol in my life, in fact, it gives my life meaning, and I've truly been blessed to be filled with friends and family that also understand the story behind the symbol.  A life changing story.  I decided what better gift than crosses that represent pieces of my friends in the colors I choose. 
This first  cross is for me.  I had a spot I recently pulled a picture down from and it fits perfectly.  I found different sized wooden crosses at a local antique store.  One of the vendors sells unfinished wood.  They also sell different size crosses at different craft stores, my suggestion would be to take along a coupon.  I have about 2,345 different ways I plan on creating decorative crosses, but.....this is the one 'for me.'  I grabbed two pieces of scrapbook paper that go together pretty well.
 I painted the sides of each cross with acryllic paint, then traced around the paper using the cross, cut and used modge podge to glue it down.  I used a second layer on top.  This gives it a glossy texture, and the thinner the paper, the more you have to really press out bubbles that want to form.  Glue sticks would work as well, but....I needed a little gloss in my life. 
 I nailed the little cross to the big one (just one nail b/c my next step also holds the two crosses together).  I added the second sheet of paper over the nail. 
I bought a decorative knob at the craft store that sort of correlates.  I drilled a hole through both crosses and twisted it down.
 Last up...a little hanger on the back. 
I'm not working on a few more for friends for upcoming birthdays with a little twist on a few.  A really simple project, and hopefully a meaningful piece to the home.


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tt.scraps said...


Melissa said...

Love, love, love!!!

William Peterson said...

That is such a gorgeous looking cross. I wish I had seen this. I went ahead and purchased a decorative iron cross from galleydirect.com, but I still may end up doing this.

Thanks for the idea!

Nora Moore said...

I like the double cross look that you've created. I've never decorated one of these before. It wouldn't have occurred to me to put fun patterns on it like that. I could definitely find some more fun ones like this for my place. http://www.pats-treasures.com/dept-50030