Monday, July 30, 2012

Sewing Pattern Flowers

 I saw the idea for making flowers out of old pattern tissue at country living.  I'm am slightly, like, 12 steps away from a healthy obsession with projects out of old patterns.  I'd say it was because I grew up with a Mom that used to sew, but thinking back, this also entailed me sitting at her machine at one point of my life and actually sewing a needle through a finger....completely, and having to figure out which way the wheel turned to get it out.  Good news, I got it out....and then started screaming bloody murder.  Wait, I guess all my projects do include destroying patterns, which equals no sewing, which equals elimination future opportunities to add additional scars to my fingers, which is probably why I like them so much.  For these little flowers.....old patterns...
 I cut these down to roughly 11x8.  I accordion folded two together (more paper=puffier flowers). 
 I cut the ends in a slight arch.
 Squeezed the middle together and tied around a pipe cleaner for the stem.
 A couple flowers, and an old tin (another obsession for another post) and.....tissue flowers.  I don't like silk flowers, but dried flowers...and now, apparently, pattern flowers, I can learn to love.


Donna said...

I can remember making flowers out of facial tissues using the same method you used. We used to separate the different layers of the tissues to fluff them out and back then (many,many years ago) you could get tissues in different colours.