Frames Quote Board Center

Friday, July 27, 2012

I've always wanted to make a message center out of misc frames.  I've seen these out and about.  The problem is....I've run out of room in my house to keep clothes, my purse, or dust bunnies, I certainly don't have enough wall space for a framed message center.....enter classroom ideas.  As I started thinking 'next school year' and wrapping up the year, I covered one board in black fabric.  I bought misc frames at the thrift store (usually sold cheaper without the glass)....and I sprayed them all gold.  I guess I needed a little dazzle in my life.
I covered up some clips with pieces of scrapbook paper to be able to quickly change out student work/quotes, or whatever makes it way on the message board. 
 Ideally, I could hang these up by a nail, but the cork is just a thin layer of concrete, so I used the sticky hooks, and I just stapled the excess 'sticking part.  I'll cover these up with something creative....or not, but....I'm liking it.

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